Offer Added Value of 1+1=3
through Sales Power

Concept24 Inc. has been working to solve a variety of social issues
through sales agency and consulting, and connect people to people as well as people to business from a global perspective.

All sales consulting companies these days are structured based on
“Sales Data” so that anyone can do sales. However, the reality is that this does not lead to the growth of individual sales skills.

With a broad network of contacts and accurate sales skills, we support companies from the inside out, contributing to the revitalization of business and the sustainable improvement of corporate value.

We will keep aiming for further growth and development as a company that continues to give “Influence” through “Sales Power” to all business partners and clients.



Propose the best solutions to various problems

Our company has a track record of supporting more than 1,000 companies in Japan and overseas.

In addition to sales agency and consulting, we also provide inbound and outbound support, and support for recruiting foreign nationals specializing in IT technology.

Since we deal with many partner companies for problems other than sales, we can provide multifaceted support by introducing companies with expertise and high quality.



We have a record of more than 1,000 sales support experiences with a wide variety of
companies regardless of industry and product. Here are some of the companies we have worked with.


A place where individuals can maximize their potential

We are a company that provides various services to domestic and overseas companies such as IT industry support and consulting focusing on sales support.

We are looking for members who can utilize their own specialties in their work.