Sales Consulting

We support your business development by directly approaching your sales problems based on our experienced strategies and processes for developing new customers.

■ I don’t have any sales know-how, so I can’t go above the average level.

■ I started a new business, but I don’t know how to sell.

■ I am not able to decide on a business model due to
 the lack of standardized strategy.

Voice of a customer with problem


Service Description

Our sales consultants work within the sales organization to provide experienced strategic planning, operations, and OJT. We also conduct interviews with the sales department to identify points that need to be improved and problems that need to be addressed, and work together with them to improve operations by directly incorporating them into the field.

Planning & Sales
Conducting regular internal meetings / Market research / Reviewing and analyzing strategies / Solving problems / Setting budgets and targets / Setting targets / Proposing specific initiatives / Reviewing sales tools / Determining business negotiation policies
02. Sales Accompanying clients to appointments / Online business negotiations / Proposals / Matching companies based on our extensive human network / Implementing the shortest and most appropriate sales activities based on our extensive sales experience / Closing
03. OJT Teaching and practicing appointments / Conducting training for stepping up the sales organization / Creating sales talk sprints and practicing role-playing / Accompanying salespeople / Conducting sales training based on methods obtained through practice,
with examples of success and failure / Conducting webinars and academies

Image of the service structure

Image of the service structure