We offer a wide range of web development services, including planning, design, and coding.
We also provide translation services for foreign newspaper articles.

■ I want to create a new website because my company does not  have one.

■ I want to use the COVID-19 pandemic to promote sales overseas.

■ I don’t have the know-how to run a website production.

Voice of a customer with problem


Service Description

Our web consulting services include the creation of websites based on a company’s management strategy,
the creation of a system to effectively manage the site, the implementation of SEO and other measures to provide full support.

Web production
We hold meetings and make plans for web production that meet the needs of our clients, from schedule management to planning, branding design, writing, and SEO.

Main web production sites:
Corporate website / Media website / EC website / Portfolio website

Requirement definition / Writing / SEO / UI&UX design / Wireframe creation / Logo creation / Design comprehensive layout creation / Server setup / Domain acquisition / Maintenance management / Coding
Production of promotional materials
Business card / Shop card / Poster / Flyer / Brochure / Direct mail / Tapestry / Banner, etc.
Multilingual translation
Translation of manga (digitalized and colorized), anime, word-of-mouth, and newspaper articles / Multilingual support for websites

Languages supported
Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean / Vietnamese / French, etc.

Image of the service structure

Image of the service structure