Concept24 has been working to solve various social issues through its business and to connect people and companies from a global perspective.
We are also pursuing sustainable enhancement of corporate value by revitalizing businesses.

Sales Support

Create a Foundation to Support Organization with Sales Power

There are many companies that have problems with sales, such as not
being able to develop new customers or not being able to educate sales
personnel. In order to protect existing business, there are also many
companies whose work has become routine without acquiring new

In our company, we believe that sales is always about developing new business.
Simply protecting what we have now without acquiring new customers
will not allow us to conduct sales in the true sense, and we cannot
expect the company to grow in the future.

With our 30 years of know-how, we provide full support in all aspects of
sales, including our own sales methods, design of strategies and tactics,
and OJT training, to support the sales organization of companies from
the inside out.


Sales Consulting

Improve Organizational Strength through New Sales Development

The way we do business has changed over time.
It is not uncommon for an organization or an individual to lose orders
because they cannot cope with the change in business from reactive
sales to new business development.

There are many problems related to sales, such as “I don’t know how to
do sales correctly” or “I started a new service, but I don’t know how to
sell it.”

Our sales consultants have established a system to involve in the sales organization and provide experienced strategy planning, operations, and OJT training. We also conduct interviews with the sales department to identify points and problems that need to be improved, and work together with them to improve operations by directly incorporating them into the field.


Company Matching

Connecting Businesses to Businesses through an Extensive of Personal Connections

As we have provided a great number of consulting works, we are able to match you with our advisors and consulting companies. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of new initiatives in IT and development, but there is a lack of human resources, knowledge, and corporate resources to keep up with this trend.

We utilize our expertise in providing sales support to a large number of companies regardless of industry sector to help solve problems such as “I want to start a new business, but I don’t have specialized knowledge or understand the market,” or “I don’t have enough know-how or resources”.

In areas where there is a shortage of specialized human resources in Japan, such as system construction and talented IT engineers, we can match your company with the best companies through our extensive human network.



Low cost, High quality and Efficient operation

By supporting the introduction of outsourcing, we improve corporate issues such as “I am worried about outsourcing” and “I want to proceed with development at a low cost”.

We help companies to strategically utilize specialized skills and know- how that they do not have, avoid the risk of over-employment, and reduce total costs and man-hours.

After identifying and listening to your issues, we will propose suitable personnel to your company.


Foreign IT Talents Recruitment Support

Recruiting Talents specialized in IT Technology

We have extensive experience in the IT industry, both domestic and international, and can assist you in hiring the best engineers and sales staff.

We can also assist you in hiring foreign engineers and sales staff. We provide support in IT, technical internships, and specific skills, so offshore services can also be provided. Foreign nationals can be hired at low cost as young, talented people who are familiar with IT, understand and speak foreign languages.

If you are considering hiring excellent engineers, if you want to improve your sales force and are looking for the right person, or if you want to start a new business and are looking for an employee with know-how, we can help you find the right person.



Web Production and Multilingual Support

We offer a wide range of website development and design services, including corporate and media sites.

Our web consulting services include the creation of websites based on a company’s management strategy, the creation of a system to effectively manage the site, and the implementation of SEO and other measures to provide full support.

In addition, we have translated many overseas word-of-mouth and newspaper articles, as well as anime and manga, and we also provide multilingual translation support for commercial products and services.