Sales Support

We support sales organization of a company from the inside out by conducting market research,
new business development, strategy planning, and OJT training.

■I can’t get appointments and my sales results are not improving.

■The product is good, but for some reason it doesn’t sell.

■There are many salespeople who don’t have the know-how,
 and they do not see the effects of training.

Voice of a customer with problem


Service Description

With our 30 years of know-how and based on our unique sales methods, we provide full support in all aspects of sales, for instance, designing strategies and tactics, providing OJT training in the field, to support sales organization of a company from the inside out.

01. Sales Understanding of products and services
Clarification of appeal points / Market research / Competitive research / Establishment of sales techniques

Sales Contents
Accompanying clients to appointments / Online business negotiations / Planning and proposal of services / Matching companies based on solid human networks / Implementation of the shortest and most appropriate sales activities based on extensive sales experience / Closing
02. OJT Teaching and practicing appointments / Conducting training for step up of the sales organization / Creating sales talk sprints and practicing role-playing / Accompanying salespeople / Conducting sales training based on methods learned through practice with examples of success and failure / Conducting webinars and academies

Image of the service structure

Image of the service structure