Foreign IT Talents Recruitment Support

We have extensive experience in the IT industry and can assist you in developing overseas talent
and recruiting excellent technical and sales staff.

■ I need talents who specialize in IT technology.

■ I’m considering offshore development, but I’m not sure.

■ I want to proceed with development without incurring low costs.

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Service Description

We can also assist you in hiring foreign engineers and sales staff. We provide support in IT,
technical internships, and specific skills, so offshore services can also be provided.
Foreign nationals can be hired at low cost as young, talented people who are familiar with IT,
understand and speak foreign languages.

Company Introduction
Target countries:Asia
China / Korea / Vietnam / Taiwan / India / Philippines / Mongolia / Brazil / Thailand Indonesia etc.
Technical intern Specialized Skills
Target countries: Asia
Vietnam / Philippines / Cambodia / China / Indonesia / Thailand / Myanmar / Nepal / Mongolia / Indonesia etc.
Company Introduction Target Industry
Software / Translation / Mechanical / Electronics / Semiconductor / Robotics / Hotel / Design / Professional / Offshore, etc.
Technical interna Target Industry Specialized Skills
Construction / Agriculture / Nursing / Shipbuilding / Accommodation, etc., Fields with high demand
05. Education Japanese / Human skills / Support for professional and technical education until you join the company after receiving job offer / Japanese language school training facilities

Image of the service structure

Image of the service structure