We provide detailed interviews and specific improvement plans for your problems, and match you with experienced companies.

■ I want to find a new sales method during Corona Pandemic.

■ I want to reduce the resources and costs of my business.

■ I want to expand sales to ongoing sales channels.

Voice of a customer with problem


Service Description

In areas where there is shortage of specialized human resources in Japan, such as system construction and talented IT engineers,
we can use our extensive network of contacts to match your company with the best companies.

Matching Company
Understanding of products and services
Clarification of appeal points / Market research / Competitive research / Establishment of sales techniques

Details of company matching
Conducting regular internal meetings / Identifying problems / Reviewing targets / Supporting new businesses / Support for developing new business partners / Identification of matching companies / Appointments with matching companies / Business matching / Support for creating a selling mechanism
Matching Company Industry List
Recruitment, dispatch, and hiring support / IT human resources and technical internship hiring support / IT manufacturer / CS / Translation and production of multilingual commercial products / Major content manufacturer / Korean accredited educational institution / Drone manufacturer / Cosmetic manufacturer / Rental / Major content provider / Beverage manufacturer / Trade

Image of the service structure

Image of the service structure